Reduce Your Footprint

Looking for an easy way to cut plastic consumption? Brook & Whittle can help you reduce the overall thickness of your label! Less weight means less raw materials.

This option is available for both pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeves. In both cases, the reduced-thickness labels are compatible with existing label application and filling equipment.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Reducing the thickness of your pressure sensitive labels reduces waste, leads to more labels per roll, and allows for operational efficiencies. Brook & Whittle runs the world’s thinnest films, and can help make your labels more sustainable.

Most automatic label application equipment can handle tolerances in both facestock and liner. Some care should be taken when reducing the facestock thickness, as stiffness can impact the dispensing characteristics. Since liners are only used to carry a label to the peel plate it is much easier to reduce liner thickness. Most label applicators already running film liners can potentially downgauge from 1.2 mil to 0.92 mil and even to 0.75 mil thicknesses without major changes.

Shrink Sleeves

Reducing the overall thickness of a shrink sleeve is an easy way to reduce plastic consumption and waste, as thin shrink films perform similarly to their regular counterparts. Brook & Whittle utilizes shrink sleeves down to 45 microns, which allows the same shrink characteristics and performance but uses less materials.

Interested in Reducing Your Plastic Consumption?

Put Brook & Whittle’s technical expertise to work for you. From concept to commercialization, we’ll work with you to develop a labeling solution that requires less plastic.

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