Recycled Content

Many label materials are now available with recycled content. The addition of post-consumer waste reduces the need for valuable resources.

Recycled content labels offer the same performance characteristics as traditional virgin raw materials, and they pass stringent trade association testing and certification. Moreover, they are compatible with existing label application and filling equipment—making it easier than ever to transition to a more sustainable labeling solution.

  • Paper labels can achieve 10% to 100% recycled post-consumer waste content.
  • PET film materials with 90% or 100% recycled content have been available for some time. Transitioning your PET liners to recycled content is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact without a lot of effort.
  • PCR polypropylene materials are starting to become available in both clear and white facestocks with 30% to 100% content. 100% chemically recycled polypropylene is a drop-in substitute to virgin polypropylene, with no performance or print differences.

Interested in Transitioning to Recycled Content Labels?

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