HDPE Bottle Recycling

Durable, stiff, and able to withstand harsh temperatures, HDPE bottles are commonly used for packaging food, beverages, and household products. HDPE bottles can be recycled in a variety of ways, but to ensure complete sustainability of the container, the label must be recyclable as well.

Two Sustainable Label Options

Brook & Whittle offers two sustainable label options—pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeves—to enable the recycling of HDPE bottles.

Pressure Sensitive Labels for HDPE Bottles

Pressure sensitive labels maximize the recyclability of HDPE bottles. During the recycling process, these labels—as well as their adhesive and inks—stay with the HDPE bottle to ensure there is no contamination or pollution of the waste stream.

These labels meet the Critical Guidance requirements set by The Association of Plastic Recyclers and pass stringent trade association testing. They are also compatible with existing label application and filling equipment, ensuring a smooth transition.

  • Available in white and clear rigid and semi-conformable films
  • Available with rPET liners (30% to 90% post-consumer waste)

Shrink Sleeves for HDPE Bottles

Your choice of shrink sleeve can greatly impact the HDPE recycling stream. Full coverage shrink sleeves may impact optical sorting at recycling facilities, causing the bottle to be incorrectly sorted as PET. Thus, the ideal solution for sustainability is a perforated shrink sleeve, which can be removed by the consumer prior to recycling.

Perforated shrink sleeves provide 100% can coverage, allowing for increased graphics and giving your product better shelf appeal. Their flexibility also means you can order multiple SKUs for enhanced variety.

To help your consumers understand how to recycle various packaging, as well as their impact on recycling, visit How2Recycle.

Interested in Transitioning to Sustainable HDPE Bottles?

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