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Pressure-Sensitive Labels

One of the most popular labeling methods in the world, Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSLs) are compatible with almost any container shape or product type. Numerous material options offer unlimited possibilities to enhance your brand and products. Application is done by hand or machine, requiring only pressure to adhere—making this a cleaner and more efficient labeling method.

  • Multiple foil hotstamps enhance graphics
  • 4-color process
  • Crisp text
  • Glitter varnish
  • 4-color process
  • Foil embellishments
  • Unique die cut shape
  • Label set for ease of application
  • High-gloss finish
  • Opaque screen printing
  • Metallic effects
  • Clear "no-label" look
  • High-resolution process printing
  • Conformable material crimps
  • Foil hot stamp
  • Spot application of gloss & varnish
  • Rotary screen
  • Solid background coverage
  • Clear material, "no label" look
  • Label wraps around entire container
  • Opaque screen printed text
  • Tinted foil embellishments

How Can PSLs Meet Your Label Needs?

  • Wide range of substrate options to enhance packaging performance & shelf appeal
  • Sustainable material options to reduce your environmental impact
  • Extensive printing technologies available to meet your design needs
  • Enhancements include foil stamping, embossing, textured inks, & unique die-cut shapes
  • Labels can withstand challenging and harsh environments
  • Can be used for single-ply, coupons, extended content, sequential numbering, & peel-n-reseal labels

Sustainable PSL Options

Durability and design—with less material. Our sustainable labels are the thinnest in the world and enable your packaging to be completely recyclable.

Put Our Technical Expertise to Work for You

From concept to commercialization, we’ll work with you to develop a custom labeling solution.

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