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Extended Content Labels

Extended Content Labels (ECLs) are multi-layer informational booklets combined with a pressure sensitive label. Frequently used to communicate regulatory or multi-language information in over-the-counter medications, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, agchem and household chemicals, ECLs are an important on-package element. This highly functional label offers an economical and space-saving solution for packaging with extended content needs.

  • Graphics visible through product
  • Regulatory information
  • Squeezable material
  • Hinge keeps information with container
  • Special shape
  • Resealable
  • Up to 20 pages available
  • Metallic inks
  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Eye catching branding
  • Wide range of sizes
  • Resealable
  • On-serted booklet
  • Up to 20 pages available
  • Metallic foil
  • Spot varhnish
  • Great for recipes
  • Clear leave behind

How Can ECLs Meet Your Labeling Needs?

  • Can be used for warning labels, informational booklets, and instructions
  • An efficient way to provide content in multiple languages
  • Promotional marketing uses include instant redeemable coupons, recipes, ingredients, & game pieces

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