Health & Beauty Labels

Health and beauty is a large market that has traditionally been dominated by national retailers and global consumer packaged goods. However, private label, niche, and eco-friendly brands are fast-growing market segments—and to make their products stand out, they are driving innovations in packaging. Pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) are the most widely used technology, as they allow for virtually unlimited creativity.

Why Are PSLs the Top Choice in Health & Beauty?

  • A wide range of materials are available, including options with a tactile feel.
  • When paired with high-quality printing, PSLs provide optimal shelf appeal.
  • Aesthetically pleasing enhancements such as metallic inks and foils can be incorporated.
  • When desired, PSLs allow a “no label look” to be achieved.
  • They can be designed with functional features like extended content labels and reclosures.

We Get Your Health & Beauty Labels Noticed

Brook & Whittle knows the importance of creating an instant connection with the consumer. Beyond getting your product noticed on the retail shelf, your packaging drive sales, impacts the consumer’s product experience, and builds brand loyalty. Through innovative technology, sustainable materials, eye-catching graphics, and exceptional print quality, we’ll help you make the most of your packaging.

No matter the container size, shape, material, or environment it will be exposed to, we have a solution for your health and beauty packaging application. From substrate choices to enhanced graphic and finishing recommendations, our team of experts are here to help.

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