Food Packaging Labels

In the food market, where shelves are loaded with options, catching the consumer’s eye is critical. To get noticed, packaging and labeling must stand out, while still communicating important information and adding functionality. It’s therefore essential to choose the right substrate, adhesive, and package decoration technology for your application. Customized pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) and shrink sleeves offer the flexibility and brand enhancement necessary to engage your target consumers.

Considerations for Custom Food Labels

  • What is the size, shape, and surface of the container?
  • What environmental conditions will the packaging be exposed to? Heat, cold, moisture, transportation, and storage conditions may impact the performance and longevity of the label.
  • Which FDA food labeling regulations must the package comply with?
  • Does the label fit with recent consumer trends?
  • Does the label need additional features to engage your target audience?
  • Are there sustainable label alternatives which could be utilized?

We Give Your Labels Shelf Appeal

Brook & Whittle knows that controlling costs while delivering the highest level of shelf appeal can be a challenge. Our combination of experience and state-of-the-art technology allows us to achieve both of these objectives—boosting your bottom line and engaging your consumers.

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